Cities and Municipal Governments

Traffic operations, facility management, road safety and maintenance, public transport, community centers, fire halls could better address with latest solutions and technologies.

Metrobit Cities and Municipal Governments Applications

Municipal authorities and sub organizations such as traffic operations, facility management, Road safety and maintenance, public transport, community centers, fire halls… have various security and safety challenges that could better be addressed with latest solutions and technologies.

In Metrobit with provide the solutions that have been developed by world leading manufacturers and have been utilized in biggest cities around the world.

Buildings and Facilities Solutions

Municipal Authorities deal with various buildings and facilities and managing the safety and security in such scale requires a reliable and scalable solution that can provide useful information and insight in a real time and accurate quality.

City Hall & Administration Buildings

Community Centers

Waste Management Centers

Wastewater Treatment

Fire Stations

Public Safety & City Surveillance

Firehalls, Paramedics, Police and all first responders rely on real time and accurate information and visibility which is designed for mission critical situations and require a strong and feature rich platform to provide maximum public safety in:


Parks and Community Centers

Public Library

City Surveillance

Public Transportation Stations

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic management is of outmost importance when dealing with large cities. Traditional systems have served the municipal authorities traffic operations in the past but recent developments and latest solutions could facilitate the management of traffic in many ways and save huge money and even lives of the citizens!

Automatic Incident Detection

Tunnel Traffic Control

Traffic Data Collection

Bridge Traffic Management

Intersection Control

Command and Control Center

A command and control center is the heart of all solutions which critical decision could be made based on clear situational awareness.

Our state of the art solutions for command and control systems provides ease of operation with maximum visualization on the big picture and extreme situational awareness.

Small Control Room

Tunnel Traffic Control

Medium Video Walls

Bridge Traffic Management

Complete Command and Control Center

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Best executed critical infrastructure project of 2013 in Middle East & Africa!

Metrobit Middle East team have been awarded by Axis Communications, a leading manufacturer of IP Based video surveillance solutions