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Video Surveillance and Security Cameras

Video is the most effective and convincing evidence and that’s why every security solution is not complete without a proper video surveillance system.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems provide the most effective solution to provide access to employees, visitors, contractors or even vehicles at different times and locations wile keeping the intrudes out of the restricted areas.


Intercom and Public Announcement

Human interaction can not be eliminated from any system and in many occasions there is a need to have an intercom system.


Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarm systems today use various sensing technologies such as Radar and LiDar, Laser, ultrasonic, Thermal imaging and even video analytics to detect intrusion in different types of environment while avoiding the false alarms.

Access Control Systems

Airspace Security

variety of threats such as vandalism, corporate espionage, breach of privacy, theft, terrorist attacks and more.
Today many facilities have no means to detect intrusion into their airspace and protect their assets against such intrusions.

Network Infrastructure

Professional Audio Video Systems

whether a meeting room with video conferencing application or a university with various presentation rooms, classes and theaters, a hospital, an airport, law office or a corporate building, Audio visual distribution systems are used everywhere.


Structured Cabling

Cables are the veins of any building and no building system can work without a professional structured cabling.

Access Control Systems

Network Infrastructure

main platform for a wide range of systems today and the network infrastructure is the vital part of all the systems.

Network Infrastructure

Command & Control Center

Heart of the operation and requires mission-critical and ergonomically design and built equipment and furniture.


COVID-19 Health Assurance Solution

Social Distancing Control and Elevated Body Temperature Detection.


Quality job comes from hard work and experience and is always appreciate and we are proud of being awarded by industry leaders for the excellent job of our team. Metrobit engineers are deeply trained and certified by major industry leaders and strive to keep their knowledge and expertise up to date and even beyond any other integrator in the market. some of our team certificates are:

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Best executed critical infrastructure project of 2013 in Middle East & Africa!

Metrobit Middle East team have been awarded by Axis Communications, a leading manufacturer of IP Based video surveillance solutions

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