Our Services:

We provide a wide range of products in various areas which are carefully handpicked from the leading manufacturers including:


Consultation and System Design

With extensive experience in various fields of IT, Security, Telecommunications, Renewable energy and system integration can help customers achieve the most customized and efficient solution for every application.

Preventive Maintenance

Even best systems may be troubled due to many various reasons and the best is to prevent any problem by regular system monitoring and preventive maintenance plans and therefore Metrobit provides Preventive maintenance services to ensure system operability 24/7/365!

Helpdesk and Support

When systems grow, it is no surprise to become confusing and not easy to deal with, but many troubles could be solved remotely with a few tips and tricks or using remote diagnosis methods. Helpdesk team work round the clock to ensure our customers are always in peace of mind.

Installation & Project Management

Our installation team consists of experienced and certified engineers who have successfully deployed hundreds of projects around the world. The capabilities in Metrobit is endless and we are confident we can manage in any size and any level of complexity.

System Audit, Improvement and Upgrade

You have an old system and would like to upgrade? There are many useful features in your legacy system that does not have to be thrown away and could be utilized in an upgraded system to enjoy latest features and solutions with minimum expenditure on the upgrade.


As a part of our commitment to our customers we provide complete training for the system operators and administrators to ensure confident use of the systems. We provide customized operator and administrator training, on site, in our training facility and manufacturer standard certifications.

Some of the customers we have proudly served